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What we do

Each member submits a piece of art every month, according to the theme given by the leaders. Every member will be required to complete a general monthly submission, along with traditional or/and digital submissions, depending on the department you belong to. We then give feedback and critique individual's work, for a purpose of engaging interactions among the artists, and developing their skills even further. 

We also host CGA Art Competitions once a year, where all students at Crimson Global Academy are eligible of entering and submitting their work for certificates and prizes. 

Who are we?

CGA Art Club consists of many talented young artists at Crimson Global Academy. This club is completely run by the students of the school and is a place for young artists to develop, improve and learn their art skills by critiquing and collaborating with others.


We focus both on traditional and digital art. Traditional art includes paintings (oil, water, gouache), pencils, colour pencils, and pens, while digital art include 3D art, multimedia, and animation.

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